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The Westwood Historical Society strives to collect and tell the personal human stories of ingenuity, determination, struggles, courage, strength and insight of those who molded our collective past.  Our hope is that in these stories you discover, or rediscover, the threads that make up our community’s rich tapestry.   You may even notice how modern and contemporary many of those stories seem today!

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One of the great joys of living in Westwood is the ability to get out and walk, hike, or bike, and we have such a great resource in McFarlan Woods. Yet, few of us probably know about the people who brought us the basic park services in McFarlan. 
The Civilian Conservation Corps was one of the programs that Franklin Roosevelt created as part of the New Deal in the 1930's. Locally, a CCC camp was established in 1935 at what is now the end of Diehl Road, and they served through 1937. Even though they were here for a relatively brief time, the young men of this camp planted many of the pine trees in Mt. Airy Forest, built a significant number of flood reduction structures along West Fork Road, and built several bridges and shelters in Mt. Airy and McFarlan, including the comfort station pictured here. So, the next time that you hike McFarlan, take a moment to think about the CCC workers who built so many of the facilities in our park.

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