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Eyewitness to Pearl Harbor:  One Soldier's Story
Wednesday, May 9
Eyewitness to Pearl Harbor: One Soldier's Story  (Membership Meeting)
7:00 am
Westwood First Presbyterian Church (3011 Harrison Ave - enter from Koenig Ave)
Walter Oka, a Hawaiian native was 13 years old when he witnessed the attack on Pearl Harbor.  He saw the capsizing of navy ships, felt the shock waves created by the massive explosions, and stood in awe of being a witness to the beginning of World War II for the United States.  When he turned 18 in 1946, Mr. Oka enlisted in the US Army to serve in the Medical Corps in Japan.  He was assigned to Military Intelligence Service (MIS) and became part of the 353 Interrogation Team.  Mr. Oka will present his life story.  The personal account of Pearl Harbor and the events that followed are a testimony to the sacrifices that have been made to protect our freedom.