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Welcome to Westwood Historical!

The Westwood Historical Society invites you to be part of the celebration of Westwood's Sesquicentennial.  The Village of Westwood was incorporated, September 14, 1868. 
Westwood was eventually annexed by the City of Cincinnati in 1896, but retains many of the unique characteristics that made it (and still make it!) a desireable place to live and thrive. Take the time to discover some of the stories that shaped our community. You may even notice how modern and contemporary many of those stories seem today!
Check out the online calendar for events and programs.  Contact us if you would like to help or if you have stories or photos you wish to share!

A custom board game made just for Westwood
Watch for it coming Spring of 2018!

Saturday, May 12
1 to 5 pm
The 2018 home tour in Westwood is co-sponsored by Cincinnati Preservation Association and the Westwood Historical Society.  It will feature 7 homes and the Westwood United Methodist Church.  All are within walking distance of one another and the Westwood Neighborhood Business District.
Tickets will be available closer to the date of the tour either at Henke Wine (3077 Harrison Avenue at Epworth Avenue) or online through the Cincinnati Preservation Association.
$20 if purchased before the tour
$25 if purchased the day of the tour.
Watch for details here or at Cincinnati Preservation Association.

March 22, 2018
7:30 pm
Wild, Wild Westwood: Cincinnati's 1899 War on Westwood's Saloons
Newly annexed by Cincinnati, Westwood was a headache for the city's police department in 1899.  Rowdy saloons at the end of the Westwood streetcar line ...

April 11, 2018
7:00 pm
Designing Women: Cincinnati Dressmakers
Learn about women's fashion during the late 19th and early 20th century and about the Cincinnati women designers who made it happen.  Explore the trends ...

Westwood Sesquicentennial